Egg Custard with Cream€2,50
Egg Custard2,40 €
Vanilla Custard2,40 €
Tiramisu2,40 €
Rice Pudding
Rice cooked in milk with cinnamon, lemon and sugar
2,40 €
Crema Catalana
Similar to crème brûlée, orange zest flavoured custard with caramelized sugar on top
2,40 €
Spanish Nougat Cream
Mousse made with Spanish nougat, turrón de Alicante
2,40 €
Chocolate Mousse2,40 €
Yoghurt with Tocino de Cielo
Yoghurt with a cream similar to egg custard, made with yolks, sugar, orange blossom water and aromatic liqueur
2,40 €
Cake2,40 €
Cheesecake2,40 €