Chargrilled Meats

Brasa Casa Olga está situada en plena Avenida Sánchez Pizjuán, entre el hotel AC Hotel Sevilla Torneoy la Basílica de la Macarena, junto al Hospital Universitario.

Chargrilled Meats
... del Cerdo IbéricoSmall PlatePlate
Chargrilled tenderloin steak
lder Steak
Special chargrilled cut of pork; juicy and full of flavour
Iberian Shoulder Steak
Delicious select chargrilled cut of pork
€2,90 €€9,50
... PorkSmall PlatePlate
Barbecue Steak
Grilled ham steak
Home-made San Jacobo
eaded and fried ham steak filled with cheese and cured ham slices
Chargrilled bacon steak
Tenderloin Brochette
Select small pieces of grilled tenderloin in a brochette with onion, pepper and tomato
Pork Brochette
Pieces of chargrilled loin pork marinated with an exquisite seasoning
Whisky Tenderloin Steak
Grilled tenderloin steaks accompanied with Whisky sauce
Roquefort Tenderloin Steak
Grilled tenderloin steaks accompanied with Roquefort sauce
Creole Spicy Pork Sausage
Chargrilled spicy pork sausage from Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay
... BeefPlate
Fillet Steak
We serve premium beef, chargrilled
... LambSmall PlatePlate
mb Shoulder. (On request)
Roasted lamb shoulder. This plate must be ordered on request, minimum 24 hours advance notice
Baby Lamb Chops
Delicious chargrilled baby lamb chops
Baby Lamb Brochette
Small chargrilled baby lamb pieces in a brochette
... ChickenSmall PlatePlate
Breaded Chicken Breast
A large chicken breast, exquisitely breaded and fried in premium olive oil
Barbecue Chicken
Chargrilled boneless chicken thighs
Chicken Breast
led breast chicken fillets
€2,70 €€6,30
Chicken Brochette
Small pieces of chargrilled chicken breast marinated with a delicious seasoning in a brochette
... QuailsPlate
Chargrilled quail served with green sauce: minced garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil